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What is Disc Golf Played with?

Beyond the classic frisbee, disc golf offers us greater distance and precision to take our game to the next level with the help of a laden with the necessary equipment.

We have all started to discover Disc Golf with any frisbee trying to reach a tree, a rock… Although in practice it can be played with a single disc, there are different types specialized in a specific distance that allow us to enjoy the game even more.

But before getting into those, it is important to mention that you should try to play with the best disc golf baskets as that alone will make an important difference in your performance. Just try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Types of disc golf discs

  • They are the discs with the shortest range but the highest precision. They are used to shoot to the basket or to leave the disc in the vicinity of it (approach). All the fans begin to play with them since they are the most used during a game. They are characterized by a speed value from 2 to 4.
  • Medium distance (Midrange). They have a medium range, sharing characteristics of putters and long-distance discs, being the perfect complement in the bag of a new player. They can be used both to approach the basket and at the exit of the short holes. Speed ​​5 to 6.
  • Street Driver (Fairway Driver). The profile sharpens, gaining in maximum range but increasing the demand for a correct launch. It is the maximum range disc that an intermediate level player should use. Speed ​​7 to 9.
  • Distance Driver. Discus with maximum range requires high speed and correct launch angles to develop proper flight. For this reason, its use is open to players of medium or high level. Speed ​​10 to 15.

The 4 flight numbers

In addition to the speed value just mentioned, disks offer three other values:

  • Plane or glide: The profile of a disc acts like the wing of an airplane and is capable of raising the disc above the height at which it was launched. The greater the glide capacity, the greater the potential distance but less precision.
  • The values ​​of stability at high and low speeds (turn and fade) measure the tendency of a disc to maintain a straight trajectory (neutral) or curve to the left (overstable) or to the right (infrastable or understable) being an important characteristic in case of needing curved trajectories due to the configuration of the hole, the presence of wind, etc. Beginner players – with still moderate throwing speed – preferably use neutral or slightly understable discs.

If we could only offer one piece of advice it would be this: even though all discs are similarly priced, a beginning player should resist the urge to set up a bag with the same discs as their favorite elite players since they all require some technique. refined to fly properly: it is much more effective – and fun – to start with specific discs for our level and gradually climb to discs with greater speed and stability.

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