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How to prevent low back pain at work

low back pain

We spend many hours of our day in the same position due to the job we have or the routine we carry out each day. Whether sitting or standing, the back feels it. When the back is in pain, it could be due to something very minor through to something serious such as a pelvic injury. If the issue is a pelvic injury, you will need an emergency diagnosis for fast treatment.

An MRI for pelvis injury is recommended with the consultation of a doctor to detect the problem and treat it accordingly.

Back pain is a disease that, either occasionally or recurrently, affects a large part of the worldly population. The most common causes of the appearance of this ailment usually occur at work. Exercising, repetitive movements or even sitting badly are some of the causes that increase the possibility of back pain.


From the company, it is necessary to promote good postural hygiene in order to prevent back pain. That is why the company can promote postural education and review ergonomics at work.

Postural education

From the company it will be important that all workers know what postural education is and how they should be working so that pain does not occur. The ideal is to give talks or material to the employees so that they are aware of what posture they should adopt in each of the tasks that must be carried out.

Ergonomics in the workplace

Companies must prepare an ergonomics study to find out about the work to be carried out, the needs of the workers, and thus be able to redesign workstations in favor of the search for postural health. This ergonomics part of the job should be complemented by the postural education mentioned above.


As a worker, you also have a series of obligations to take care of your postural health and reduce lumbar and back pain. Some tips that you can start applying in your day to day in a simple way are the following:

  • Pay attention to posture. If you go to these 8 hours practically in the same position, you will have to make sure that it is the correct one. It is possible that when you are sitting you do not think if you are doing it right or not. Well, there is a posture that is ideal for not straining your back or lower back while you are working. This is, keep your back against the backrest, relax your shoulders and put your knees aligned at hip height. Also make sure you don’t cross your legs and make sure your feet are always in contact with the ground.
  • Do stretches. Doing repetitive tasks can put a strain on some of your back muscles. To prevent this from happening, you can try stretching for 15 minutes a day. With this you will be able to relax the muscular tension in the sword and improve its muscular tone.
  • Do the lifts the right way. Another cause of back pain is improper lifting. Make sure you bend your knees well and don’t round your back as you bend over.
  • Perform physical exercise on a regular basis. Practicing sports on a regular basis will help you strengthen your back, as well as relieve tensions accumulated during the workday.
  • Try to modify repetitive tasks or help yourself with external elements so that they are not so demanding. Whenever you can, combine demanding tasks with those that are less so.

Back pain can be very uncomfortable in your day-to-day life, both at work and in your moments of relaxation, so the ideal is that you remedy it as soon as possible.

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