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How To Find The Perfect Dream House


Buying a house is one of your biggest life decisions. Make sure you do it correctly. Many people make costly mistakes when buying homes. This can have a negative impact on your health and cause you to feel stressed.

Plan for long-term success

You might be a first-time buyer and just want to get on the property ladder. Most people live in their homes for many decades. It is important to consider this. You could end up moving more often if you don’t purchase a future-proofed home.

Make sure it’s a place you can grow into. As they age, people like more space.

Do you have enough bedrooms and a garden if you plan to have more than one child? If you don’t have children, living at the top of a staircase may not be an issue. However, it could prove to be a barrier with a pram.

You can think about any conversions or modifications you may make to the property. They don’t all have to be done at once

Is it possible to build in the loft or another undeveloped space?

Stretch yourself

If all other things are equal, owning your home is almost always more affordable each year that you live there.

After a few years, furniture and home improvements costs will begin to decline.

You will almost certainly see an increase in your earnings year after year, unless you lose your job or quit working for any other reason

The cost of a mortgage is not increasing year-on-year, but it does vary with interest rates. This means that your mortgage payment will be more affordable year after year.

A property that was expensive when you bought it is almost always more affordable five years later, barring any personal setbacks

Think about trade-offs

It is unlikely that you will find a property with everything you need, so you will need to make compromises. However, trade-offs may also present opportunities.

Although prices are lower if you live near a busy road, it may be worth considering if the noise isn’t too much.

People don’t like to live next to schools because of the noise. But if they are open during school hours, it doesn’t matter.

Off-street parking is expensive. It reduces your car insurance costs. But do you really need it?

While people will spend more to have a garden, if they aren’t interested in it, it won’t be money well-spent.

Living in a flat above shops could be a great option if you have a tight budget but still want to be centrally located.

Focus On The Fundamentals

You must be able to distinguish between the superficial and the fundamental. Take this example:

It is possible to change the color scheme, but you cannot alter the floor area of a flat on the first floor.

Is it possible to envision the property being developed over time – are there potential for extensions or loft conversions, etc?

Although ugly features can depress value, they are very easy to fix.

It can be difficult to change narrow corridors or oddly shaped rooms.

Learn everything you can about this property

After you’ve found the perfect property, you should learn all you can about it.

Ask smart questions to the estate agent about the property. Check out these top tips to get smart questions from the estate agent

Make sure to inspect the property before you visit. Check out these top tips for property viewings.

If a property is on the books, a rival agent will often give details about it.

You might contact the previous owners if there are any concerns.

Ask your neighbors. Ask your neighbours to knock on their doors and let them know you are interested in buying the house right next to them. Most people will be happy to meet potential new neighbors. If they aren’t, that means you have something to do.

Protect yourself from estate agents

Only you can look out for your best interests. Although most estate agents are honest, they will only tell you what the seller wants.

Some estate agents “test” the market by setting high prices in order to see if anyone takes it.

Some clients insist that their agents place their home on the marketplace at too optimistic prices.

You can only be certain that you won’t pay too much if you become an expert in the local market.

Regularly check out property websites and visit as many properties possible. You will be better informed and have a greater chance of finding the perfect place.

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