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Garden Care During The Autumn And Winter Season

Having a garden or plants on the terrace means that you will need to tend to them to ensure they are healthy for the next season. Here, we share some tips on garden care during winter and winter.

Garden Care During The Winter Season

During winter and winter, you have to take special care with the plants and trees that you may have on your terraces or gardens. It is essential to offer them basic but clear care so that they do not die of cold or excesses of any kind.

With winter -this year it seems that it will wait- the fall of the leaf will come and there you have two options, either use a rake or opt for a blower. The blower is like an air broom, you can find them without cables -like the BGA 56 blower with AK 20 battery from STIHL- that allows you to stack all the leaves easily.

Do not throw away these leaves, if you are going to plant a fruit tree, a plant or have to do a transplant, the leaves will come in handy to protect them from frost. To do this, you would only have to place a lot of leaves on the foot of the plant or the tree, which will suppose food (compost) for them and also protection.

Also during winter is the time to remove all spring and summer bulbs. There are many people who leave them throughout the year and in the spring, they bloom again without any difficulty, what’s more, they reproduce; but, many professionals recommend removing them during the winter, keeping them in a dry and dark area until the next season, which would be planted again.

In turn, you will notice that the grass does not grow in the same way at this time, but it must be taken care of so that it can survive this season and winter. To do this, it is recommended to remove all the leaves from it – you can use the blower – so that it can have more oxygen. The mowing will be done less frequently, and the cut should be kept at a higher height, so a good lawn mower or brush cutter will also be recommended, depending on the type of garden you have.

Within the STIHL COMPACT battery range, you will find other machines such as – the HSA 56 battery hedge trimmer with AK 10 battery, the FSA 56 brush cutter with AK 10 battery and the VIKING MA 235 lawn mower with AK 20 battery – that do not need cables to operate. They generate minimal noise and are designed for private gardens.

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