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Basic Care For Pruning Garden And Fruit Trees

The garden, the orchard and the field do not remain alone, but must be cared for throughout the year in order to obtain good fruits and have this healthy space. In this article we will talk about some tools that are essential for this purpose.

Mowing the lawn, pruning plants or pruning trees is an essential task for the good care of our garden. It is not an act that can be done in any way or at any time of the year, since temperatures will affect the growth or loss of said living being.

Tips For Mowing The Lawn

You may think that mowing the lawn has no mystery, but it is important to know how much height to cut to promote its growth and keep it looking good, or how to reuse the cut grass as compost.

In turn, the type of cut that is made according to the season is also important to avoid the disease of the same. Professionals recommend that it not be overgrown in late winter and that the first cut of spring be a little lower than usual but not close.

Among the tools of this type, we will highlight the VIKING MA 235 Lawn Mower with AK 20 battery, it works with battery and does not require plugs, it also lifts the grass before cutting it, favoring a clean cut.

With this same purpose and depending on the previous care of the lawn, the FSA 56 brush cutter with AK 10 battery should also be taken into account as it cuts better any type of weed that may have arisen and, depending on the size of the space you have, it may You can use a BGA 56 blower with AK 20 battery to avoid long hours of collection work. Easy-to-use tools with interchangeable batteries that avoid the cumbersome use of gasoline or cables, silent and powerful.

Fruit Tree Pruning

The pruning of fruit trees is a long-term issue and that will depend on the type of fruit tree we are talking about. Pruning a chestnut tree is not the same as a pear tree, although what they could have in common is that they seek to revitalize the tree so that the fruits are better and abundant.

You have to be very careful with the time when pruning is done and avoid doing it at all costs during the frosty season,

since we would leave the tree with an open cut in the face of imminent danger.

Depending on the thickness of the tree branches, you will need a hand saw or already a chainsaw, such as the MSA 120 C-BQ chainsaw with AK 20 battery. Of course, it is important to be very careful with the use of these types of tools and if it is not known, go to a professional.

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