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Welcome to my blog! My name’s Betty Owens and I want to introduce you to my life and my world.

I’m a mum of three (2 girls and a boy) and am married to Tom, my wonderful husband. Anyway, now the kids all at school, I wanted to explore new things, lifestyle changes, gardening and anything that might instil new life and drama in to my life.

I have a particular passion for Clivia and closely follow the Clivia society. In fact, this domain was offered to me, so I decided to introduce the society and also to write about things that interest me and I hope they will interest you too.

I started to build this blog as a hobby initially, but it has started to make some money and that all helps and for me, it has motivated me to write more.

My blog’s purpose is to educate people. I truly believe that striving for knowledge in life will empower you to achieve amazing things in your life.

I believe that educating yourself across a broad range of subjects will make all the difference in your daily living and put you on a higher level and more successful, fulfilled path in life.

I hope you love what you read.

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